I have the satisfaction, on behalf of all our staff, to welcome you to Audere Technical Institute.

We would like to inspire, invite and dare our students and staff to improve the lives of our local communities. We will strive to educate our students to be people prepared with ethics, professional knowledge, and committed to the development of their communities.

Audere wants to be part of the great success of the region by providing support to different education initiatives, supporting our students to starting a new career and a new life.

We want to support our students, their aspirations, and celebrate their daily achievements, through their diversity of background, experiences and their desire to see beyond themselves.

In Audere we intend to gain prestige in the community, in our region, in our state based on motivating in our community the continuous desire to learn, grow intellectually, integrate into the demands of business development of our territory and reflect in our strategic planning those changes needed in our development.

We also defend being an institution committed to the results of its students from creating a permanent and continuous learning environment, providing them with the tools and motivation to be able to re-establish themselves in a world marked by change and innovation.

We are certain that together, we will succeed in inspiring change in our communities and supporting those who want to advance their life.

We are here to dare!