Sanford Certified Nursing Assistant Prep-Course


Our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Prep-Course has been designed specifically to help you prepare  to challenge the Certification exam and for your professional life after Certification. During the Prep-Course, you will learn about the basic responsibilities and duties you will have as a nursing assistant. This includes patient rights, nutrition, vital signs, long-term care, emergency procedures, and more. From admitting to discharging the patients, you must have an understanding of everything that happens in between and perform the steps to ensure that they happen properly.

This is an intensive prep-course, that has been designed to prepare you for the Certified Nursing Assistant exam in Florida. During the program, you will receive a review of all the theoretical and practical skills for the written and clinical skill tests, as required by the State of Florida.

Who is a CNA?

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will be working under the supervision of a nurse to take care of a patient. In most cases, this is in a residential care setting like nursing homes or hospitals. Also known as the nurse’s aide, CNA helps patients with their hygiene and makes sure that they are able to move safely. Once you graduate as a CNA, your job will be to support nurses by taking patient’s vital signs, organizing supplies, and answering patient calls.

About the prep-course

  • The prerequisite for the course is experience in the field.
  • The course’s duration is 40 hours.

Through the program, you will be able to learn all the terminology, techniques, and skills you need to pass the exam successfully and have a thriving career after certification. You will be introduced to a multitude of concepts and skills that are a must-have for a nursing assistant. All of the subjects will include classroom hours, clinical hours, lab hours, or a combination.



What does a CNA do?

As a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant, you will be working under the supervision of nursing professionals. You will take care of patients who are ill, infirm, disabled, injured, or otherwise unable to take care of themselves. In fact, CNAs are the healthcare professionals who are encountered most by the patients. You will be performing a wide range of duties that are essential for the comfort and recovery of the patient. However, your tasks will depend on the employment setting you are working in.

What are the duties and roles of a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Here are some of the duties and roles of a CNA:

  • Repositioning or turning bedridden patients
  • Answering patient calls
  • Taking the blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs of the patient
  • Documenting health issues of the patient and reporting them to nurses
  • Cleaning bed linens and rooms
  • Feeding patients and measuring their food intake
  • Dressing wounds
  • Helping with procedures
  • Gathering supplies for the MD or RN
  • Combing hair, brushing teeth, caring for nails, and shaving
  • Bathing patients
  • Preparing rooms for admissions
  • Stocking supplies

What will happen if your certification expires?

The standards and rules for CNA certification renewal is different for every state. In Florida, the CNA license is valid for two years. Your renewal letter will be sent by the Board of Nursing to the last known address. You will have to keep your current address at the Nursing Assistant Registry.