Sanford EKG Certification


The EKG certification program is a short medical course validated by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Successful completion of the course will enable you to apply for full-time and part-time positions in the healthcare industry. Our EKG certification program will teach you how to perform electrocardiography (EKG), to evaluate a patient and explain medical procedures to them. You will also learn how, measure a patient’s blood pressure, collect medical data and recognize cardiac rhythms.

The role of an EKG technician is essential for doctors to decide what methods of operation to pursue. They are also responsible for the safety of patients, and other medical & legal aspects. Our course is structured in a way that prepares you comprehensively for the CET (Certified EKG Technician) exam, and for a medical career thereafter.

How to become a Certified EKG technician?

Being a certified EKG technician requires you to successfully attempt the National Certification Test. If you successfully pass the test, your name is listed in the National Registry after verification processes. Being enlisted in the National Registry makes you eligible for seeking jobs in the sector.

Our course will thoroughly prepare you for taking the National Certification Test. Completing the course successfully does not automatically certify you as a certified EKG technician. You will have to attempt the National Certification Test to be officially certified. Our Sanford EKG certification course ensures your success in the National Certification exam. We have designed robust coursework that focuses on in-depth learning. The skills you obtain from the course will also boost your career in the medical field.

Eligibility to become a Certified EKG technician

Anybody can become a certified EKG technician, provided they meet any of these criteria:

  • Has a GED or a high school diploma
  • Has successfully completed the EKG certification program
  • Has carried out ten successful EKGs

Other than these, there are few other prerequisites to be able to take the National Certificate exam:

  • The candidate has to be above the age of 18
  • The candidate must have a clean background, that is, no felonies or charges
  • The candidate has to test negative for the Hepatitis test
  • The candidate must test negative in the TB test
  • The candidate needs to have good immunization records.

Steps to follow after becoming a Certified EKG technician

Once you successfully attempt the National Certification exam, your name is enlisted in the National Registry within a short time. After that, you need to renew your certification every two years. There are two ways to renew the certification: through at-job workshops, or through online education organizations. The renewal process should begin at least thirty days before the previous certification expires. It is important to not ignore certification renewal if you want professional growth.

Employment for Certified EKG Technicians

EKG technicians find employment in hospitals, clinics, private physician offices, and other health care facilities. Like all other healthcare professions, the demand for Certified EKG technicians is set to increase in the coming decades. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 7% employment growth between 2018-2028. This is chiefly because of increased heart diseases and an expected population boom in the US.